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    The celebrated ‘simple-yet-sophisticated’ complete tone of voice method. For brands, for copywriters, for agencies.

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  • That Explains Things

    Find your voice. Tell your stories. Explain your things. We’re a language strategy studio.

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    A newsletter that shares great examples of brands who really have their tone of voice dialled in. Every fortnight.

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    My weekly-ish newsletter about words, ideas, living well, and the jumbled interconnectedness of all things.

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  • Say Hello to the 11 Primary Voices

    Take my short video course, introducing tone of voice's most useful mental model. Think better. Explain clearer. Creater better-er.

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  • Fiction: The Exploding Boy

    The Exploding Boy & other tiny tales (2012) is a book of very short stories that has cult status among fans of ‘flash’ fiction. The Guardian said it was ‘astonishing’, which was nice.

    Book cover for The Exploding Boy and other Tiny Tales.
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  • Book: On Reading

    A little book about how to free ourselves from the habits and assumptions we have about our own reading habits, so we can read and enjoy books more freely. Get it as either a limited edition hardback or infinitely available Amazon paperback.

    Cover of the book On Reading.
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