Zero cookie faff

You know the score: websites use cookies to run smoothly and do things like auto-fill address boxes and whatnot. Even so, we’ve done everything we can to keep all that to a minimum.

This site only uses the absolute essential cookies that are needed for the site to function. That’s why we don’t need to bug you with an ‘accept cookies’ box for you to swat away. We use cookie-less privacy-focused analytics, too.

We keep things as private as possible

We ask for the minimum amount of information, never use your details for any reason other than why you gave it, and never give anyone else access to it unless we’re forced by law.

The information we collect

We only collect and store the information you give us. That’s usually:

  • Your name, address and email if you buy something from us.

  • Your name and email address if you fill in a workshop feedback form.

  • Your email address if you subscribe to a newsletter.

Where we store your information

If you’ve bought something from us (such as Voicebox), your personal details and payment details are stored by our payment platform, Stripe. We never have access to your payments information. (We use Stripe because they’re the world’s largest and most secure payment platform.) We’ll also add your name and email address to our customer list in Drip. (But not to any other newsletter.)

If you’ve filled in a workshop feedback form, we keep your name and email address in a password-protected file in the Cloud.

If you’ve signed up for a newsletter, we keep your email address on the platform we use. (That’s Substack for Tone Knob, and Journal of Messy Thinking.)

How we use your information

We only use your information for the thing you contacted us about. (So, if you bought Voicebox, we’ll email you about Voicebox. If you signed up for a newsletter, you’ll get that newsletter.) We never cross the streams. (Just because you bought Voicebox, we won’t add you to the Tone Knob newsletter list, even though you’d probably really like it.)

Who’s responsible for the information here?

There are only two people who ever have access to your information. That’s Victoria and Nick. If you’ve got a question about your information, email Victoria first. Ultimately, Nick is responsible.

How we keep your information private

Where we store information on third party services (such as Stripe, Drip) only people who need access to do their jobs can see it. Where we store information on our own systems, we password protect everything, and use a secure password manager if we need to share access.

How to complain

We take any complaint very seriously. If you have any reason at all to complain about how we handle your privacy, email Victoria at Or write to us using the contact us box.

Changes to this policy

If we make any big changes to this policy, we’ll email you to let you know. If we make any small tweaks (usually just to make things clearer) we’ll just update things here. The changes will become effective the moment we publish them here.