That Explains Things.

Find your voice. Tell your stories. Explain your things.

That Explains Things

That Explains Things is my language strategy studio. (I'm well aware of how that sounds.)

We help brands and businesses with the words that matter most: the tone of voice they use to speak to the world. The important stories that shape them. And how they explain their most important ideas.

We do this as strategy and consultancy, workshops and facilitation, and good old writing stuff down. We work with global behemoths, household names, unicorn start-ups and under-the-radar underdogs.

We can help you pin things down with surgical precision, or shake things up like an earthquake at the snow-globe factory. (Or both. Please dress appropriately).

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    Find your voice

    Great brands have strong voices. And they use them everywhere.

    We can help you find and shape your voice, define it in a way that’s helpful and practical, and bring it to life in your organisation with guidelines, workshops and whatever else helps people use it every time they write everything from your most important marketing to your smallest small print.

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    Tell your stories

    Stories are sticky. We crave them, remember them, share them. We bring our experience in fiction, radio and journalism to help you bring alive stories in everything from keynote speeches to sales presentations and case studies.

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    Explain your things

    Not all sentences are created equal. Some are absolutely central to everything: Your elevator pitch. Your purpose and values. How you explain your so-innovative-there’s-no-words-to-describe-it proposition to potential investors. We specialise in helping you craft these super-important explanations so they're clear, memorable, and have your audience going 'ohh, that explains things.'

Top 6 reasons people call us

Enough about what we think we do. Here's the main reasons people get in touch

  1. Can you help us define our tone of voice?

    Our tone of voice is kinda meh. Help us find a voice that captures the spirit of our brand, and inspires everyone who writes for us to do great work. And make it practical and capture it all in brilliant guidelines, please.

  2. Can you help us explain this important thing?

    We need to tell people about this really important thing, but we're stuck. We've got too much to say. We've lost sight of which bits people really need to know. We can't seem to bring it to life. Help us explain our thing simply, memorably and movingly.

  3. Can you help us untangle this fiendish word-knot?

    We've got this technical and legal stuff that we really need to tell people (because, regulation.) But it's just a huge wodge of gibberish right now. Can you help us turn it into something clear, and helpful?

  4. Can you help us become more confident writers?

    We're all writing every day: presentations, marketing, product copy, the website updates. Blogs. The whole shebang. And to be honest, we're all kinda winging it. Can you help us become more confident writers?

  5. Can you shake us out of our rut?

    We write the same words, on the same subjects, every single day. Tbh, we're all feeling kinda stale. Can you shake us up? Give us a refresher, a zinger, help us get our mojo back?

  6. Hey Nick, will you come and speak at our event?

    Oh hey. I’d love to. Among other things, I’ve got 1,000-seater theatres writing poetry, and a room of 300 lawyers writing on bananas. The Economist conferences said ‘Nick is consistently voted one of our best speakers – he’s funny, insightful and energetic’. Which was nice of them.

Has that explained things?

Does it sound like we can help? Give us a shout.