Unoffice hours

Another year, another sudden flurry of cancelled in-person meetings and let's-do-it-virtually conversations.

Which is fine, actually. My work doesn't need me to be in constant Zoom meetings, virtual workshops have their own unique benefits that (almost) compensate for not being in a room together, and, well, global pandemic.

But I miss the randomness of being out and about: Bumping into friends. Being introduced to someone who knows someone you know. Grabbing a quick coffee before a meeting, or a pint after work.

So. To re-inject a bit of serendipity into things, I'm holding 'Unoffice hours'.

Drop by for a chat between 2 & 3 pm on Fridays. Book a slot below.

(Note: I'm away a fair bit over the summer, so Unoffice Hours will start again in September.)

The kettle will be on, and I'm free to chat about anything.

– Something in The Notices or Tone Knob that tickled your fancy.
– An idea, a book, a film, a recipe, or anything you want to share.
– A project you'd like to mull over.
– None of the above, just for nice.

📅 Book a 30 min slot. See you soon.

There's an Unoffice Hours webring. (Remember webrings?).

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